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Since 1996 SINTESIS S.A., an IT company specializing in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), has been developing markets and finding innovative solutions for national and international clients across industries. Currently we hold the largest collections network in Bolivia, reaching over 280 locations through 10,000 collection points that include banks, financial institutions, supermarkets, and private businesses.





We offer the capability to fortify and expand existing markets, as well as grow new ones by providing collections services in all major and minor cities, as well as rural areas, where historically the reach was unattainable. We have developed a transactional multi-channel platform that not only has a historic uptime of 99.99%, but has the infrastructure needed to support high-volume business with the focus on ease of use for the end-user. Our platform is integrated with financial institutions through all possible touch points such as tellers, Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Points of Sale (POS), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), smartphone applications and SMS Messaging.





Payments. Our platform’s technology allows services such as government subsidies, remittances, insurance policies, pensions and others to massively distribute funds through multiple channels.


Sales. We provide effective consolidated billing and collection management for mass-market companies with large sales forces.


Collections. We have a multi-channel platform that allows businesses and institutions to effectively obtain massive direct and indirect collections by providing many touch points to the end user, as well as, improving client online application processes and ultimately, reducing the number of accounts in arrears.


Mobile Payments. We offer embedded applications for mobile devices that can be integrated with mobile printers to facilitate the flow of online billing information to sales force.


Biometrics. We have biometric verification and validation services that are sensitive to fraud or need two-factor authentication prior to collection or payment.





  • Year Founded: 1996

  • Number of employees: 90+

  • Monthly Transactions: 7,000,000 +

  • Amount processed by the platform: USD 800 million

  • End Users: 3,000,000 +

  • Connected Locations: 280, all over Bolivia

  • Points for transactions: 5,000+

  • Nontraditional Points for transactions: 4,000+

  • Financial institutions online: 100 +








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